Becky Hobbs | Best of the Beckaroo - Part 1

Becky Hobbs
"Best of the Beckaroo - Part 1"

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This album is comprised of the most requested songs from Becky's albums (released 1988-2001), up to, but not including “Songs From The Road Of Life.” The albums represented here are: ALL KEYED UP, THE BOOTS I CAME TO TOWN IN, FROM OKLAHOMA WITH LOVE, SWEDISH COFFEE & AMERICAN SUGAR, and HOTTEST ‘EX’ IN TEXAS, plus a few singles that were on Mercury, EMI/Liberty & Curb that never got to be on an album. The "Beckaroo" has indeed had a roller coaster career, which makes these jewels all the more interesting.

Oklahoma-born, whiskey-voiced Becky Hobbs writes & sings REAL honky tonk, dance-hall, kick-up-your-heels, cry-in-your-beer songs, and plays a rockin' piano, to boot.

Disc Features:
  • 21 Tracks
  • Beckaroo Records
  • BR2006
  • Compact Disc