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Miss Leslie Sloan

Wrong is what I do Best

Leslie Sloan
I Need Me

Turn Around

Drunk Dialer

Let's Start Over

I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Love Without You

Wrong Is What I Do Best


All You Do Is Make Me Cry

Every Tuesday Night

Lie, Lie, Lie

There's Two People Here Not Talkin

Some Things They Can't Take Away

Leslie Anne Sloan, aka Miss Leslie, was born in Charleston, SC to parents of distinctly different musical tastes. Her father was a church minister from Tennessee who loved bluegrass and classic country music. Her mother grew up in Florida and played classical piano. At the age of 5, after the family relocated to Louisville, KY, Leslie started taking Suzuki violin lessons, but one of the first songs she learned to play on her own was “I Haven’t Seen Mary in Years” from the Bill and James Monroe “Father and Son” album. “My natural ear really surprised my parents”, Miss Leslie says.

Leslie continued to study classical violin thru college at the University of South Florida and the University of Houston, while also studying opera. “I have a love for classical music. I always will. But I realized that it wasn’t my passion.”

“Between the Whiskey and the Wine” features 13 original tunes from Miss Leslie - heartfelt songs of love and heartache framed in barrooms. Recorded at Tommy Detamore’s studio in Floresville, TX, “it was the greatest recording experience. I can’t imagine it being any better. Tommy as co-producer was so great to work with and the songs just literally fell into place. I cried when we finished listening to the playback of the last note. It was the end of an important journey for me.”

Disc Features:

14 Tracks
Compact Disc
Miss Leslie
Wrong is what I do Best

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