Merle Haggard - 24 All-Time Greatest Hits

Merle Haggard
"24 All-Time Greatest Hits"

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Merle Haggard is Country Music´s blue collar favorite. The fact that Merle is a legend in his own time, and a bona fide superstar world-wide, has done little to change that image. Country Music patriarchs Jimmie Rodgers and Lefty Frizzell were Merle´s first influences. Merle recorded his first #1 hit song in 1966. More hit records soon followed. This collection includes all of the songs that made him a laegend. "The Hag's" living legend status was re-emphasized in 1994 when he was inducted into the Contry Music Hall of Fame.

Disc Features:
  • 24 Tracks
  • TeeVee Records
  • TVCD-0703
  • Compact Disc