Lisa Morales - Beautiful Mistake

Lisa Morales
"Beautiful Mistake"

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After building a strong reputation with sister Roberta as Sisters Morales, Lisa Morales steps out on her own with an album of self-penned songs that are more about emotion than they are about pretty.

In the three years since their last record (Talking to the River-produced by Los Lobos Steve Berlin), their mother, Gloria, died after a struggle with cancer. It was Glorias fight for life, not her loss, that made Lisa re-examine her own life.

Beautiful Mistake finds her doing just that. Her writing on this album is her best to date!

She confronted longtime friend and bassist, Michael CornbreadTraylor about his hidden talents and tapped them as producer. He put together a great cast of talented musicians and pulled out some of Morales best performances. Guest performers include Walt Wilkins and Dustin Welch.

Lisa has also worn producers hat with highly acclaimed production on Hayes Carlls Flowers & Liquor; co-wrote Waiting For the Stars to Fall with Hayes Carll on his last CD Trouble In Mind. She also co-wrote Helpless Heart on Clay Blakers Welcome to the Wasteland and sang No More Memories Hangin Round duet with Clay Blaker on Welcome to the Wasteland.

Disc Features:
  • 12 Tracks
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